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Sauna accessoires

Infusion bowls, Ladles
» Infusion bowls, Ladles
» Ladle
Sauna bucket
» Sauna bucket
Aroma therapy
» Aroma therapy
Floor grid
» Floor grid
Climate measuring unit
» Climate measuring unit
Sauna pillow
» Sauna pillow
» Miscellaneous
Sauna lamp
» Sauna lamp
Sauna speakers
» Sauna speakers
Sauna caps
» Sauna caps
» Wenik
Sand timer
» Sand timer
Sauna textiles
» Sauna textiles
Silicone cables
» Silicone cables
» Other
Sauna heater accessoires
» Sauna heater accessoires
Wellness area
» Wellness area
Wood care
» Wood care

Find now your sauna accessoires

You can choose everything from classic, rustic sauna style to the very latest in design - little details can make a big difference!

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