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Sauna Control Unit for your Sauna

for Finnish sauna
» for Finnish sauna
for Combi sauna
» for Combi sauna
TYLÖ control units
» TYLÖ control units
Control unit HARVIA
» Control unit HARVIA
for Infrared
» for Infrared
Power switchgear
» Power switchgear
Control unit SENTIOTEC
» Control unit SENTIOTEC

More about our Sauna control units

The professional systems for the desirable warmth and climate.
EOS controllers are the perfect supplement to EOS sauna heaters and vaporiser systems. Sauna temperature and air humidity can always be controlled accurately and very conveniently.

The switching capacity is up to 9 kW (up to 36 kW with additional power switchgear). Vaporisers of up to 3 kW can be controlled depending on the model.

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