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Installation instructions - color light

Acrobat All manuals and installation sheets are available in Adobe PDF format and can be viewed using the Acrobat Reader.

Color light - control units DE EN FR RU

Eos 60 FL pdf pdf pdf pdf
Eos ECON F 1 pdf pdf pdf pdf
Eos EMOTEC C 55 pdf pdf pdf pdf

Colour Light Panels DE EN FR RU

Abatec wave4Farbe pdf      
Abatec wave4 Sound&Light pdf      
Eos 400/400S/800/800UV pdf pdf pdf pdf
Eos FL 2000K / 2001K pdf pdf  X pdf
LED color light Ambiente/Effect/Deluxe/Mega pdf  X  X  X
LED-Color light spot FLSP 10 pdf  X  X  X


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