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Saunarooms Harvia

Harvia is more than just a sauna. With more than 60 years of experience in developing the best Finnish sauna products, Harvia knows what makes a truly enjoyable sauna bath. Harvia sauna combines the relaxing elements of nature – wood, stone and water – to bring you to an oasis of good feeling. The sauna is a beauty treatment, a moment to pamper yourself, to relax after a run or a hard day. A Harvia sauna is an aesthetic pleasure, an experience for your senses.

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Saunacabine "Rondium S"

Heat-treated wood, aspen or alder
incl. Saunaheater & control unit
Size: 1945 x 1505 mm + 180 mm

5.000,00 EUR*

Shipping time: directly


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