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Starlight Set "VP01 T - CEP 150"

Starlight Set

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Starlight Set Starlight Set

For medium-sized Starlit Ceilings

This set is specially suited for creating small and medium-sized Starlit Ceilings. The size of the Starlit Ceiling is approx. 3 - 5 m².

The fibres of the set are plastic and tolerate temperatures of up to 80 °C. The projector of this set is completely silent with no noisy fan. The light source is a 50W halogen bulb, and it can be connected directly to a dimmer.

The projector is equipped with twinkle effect which makes the stars slowly sparkle. This twinkle effect resembles the real starlit sky, in which the stars grow brighter and dimmer with no regular pattern.

The complete ready-to-install set includes:

  • Projector VP01-50W with twinkle effect, incl. halogen lamp
  • Voltage converter
  • Bundle of fibres CEP 150

Technical information (Projector):

  • Light source: 50W halogen bulb
  • Completely silent projector
  • Connection: ~230V 50Hz (über Netzadapter)

Technical information (Light fibre):

  • The plastic fibre size is Ø 0,75 mm
  • Temperature range: up to +80°C
  • 50 x 2,0m, Ø 0,75mm
  • 50 x 2,5m, Ø 0,75mm
  • 50 x 3,0m, Ø 0,75mm

The fibres of this set may not be installed in a sauna!!! (They are suitable for steam rooms and infra-red saunas, in which the temperature remains below 80 °C.)

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