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Sauna heater "Herkules XL S50"

Sauna heater

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Product no.: 94.4330

Sauna heater Sauna heater
Power classes:
12,0 kW  
15,0 kW   + 153,88 EUR
without stones  
inclusive Stones   + 80,00 EUR

For commercial sauna from 14 - 18 m³ and 18 - 25 m³

The internal and external shell is completely made of the best quality stainless steel. The exterior design features a striking combination of straight lines, massive yet elegant steel with the raw sauna rocks.

The version without the integrated vaporiser may be connected to the external steam generator with the optional Steamfix system.

The heating elements are mounted on a rack and may be conveniently removed without the need to remove the rocks.
Optimised ratio of radiated heat and convection due to the appropriate amount of stones.


  • Outer shell: grinded stainless steel / anthracite
  • Terminal box: high-grade steel
  • Stone filling: with twin rock store (2 x 25 kg)

  • Optimal heat development by well-balanced quantity of stones
  • Service friendly modular construction
  • Two hot stone volumes allow versatile steam shocks
  • Sauna heater is prepared for ad - on set SteamFix (conectable to an external steam generator)
  • Power switch gear (LSG) needed: ECON L09, EMOTEC L09

Technical details:

  • 12 kW recommended for a sauna size from 14 - 18 m³
  • 15 kW recommended for a sauna size from 18 - 25 m³

  • Dimensions: HxWxD = 75 x 75 x 38,5 cm
  • Connection: 400 V 3N AC
  • Capacity: Available in 12 and 15 kW
  • Weight: 49 kg

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