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Payment methods at sauna-life

You can choose from our payment methods:

Payment in advance:

Payment in advance After your payment is received, we will ship the product directly to you. The easiest and cheapest option because you receive an additional 3% discount on your purchase. - 3% discount of the order value

Payment in cash:

payment in cash When you pick up the goods at our warehouse, we only accept cash. no fees


Payment with PayPal
Paypal offers a simple, fast and secure payment for online shopping with integrated buyer protection. In this case your bank account or your credit card number on PayPal are kept safe and do not in any Purchase be specified via the Internet. You simply pay with your e-mail address and password - finished. no fees

Cash on delivery:

cash on delivery You simply pay the goods upon delivery the freight forwarder.
The detailed list of fees, please see the shipping information.
9,99 - 34,99 Eur


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