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Infrared radiator "Nextrema® WHITE" 500W

Infrared radiator

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Product no.: WIR-500-R

Infrared radiator Infrared radiator Infrared radiator
with Cover   + 65,00 EUR

Heat resistant covering

The effective use of heat radiation is possible thanks to the vitae infrared radiator - Schott nextrema.

Innovative technology:

  • Gentle infrared heat radiation and warmth for the body by filtering out the microwave radiation
  • This full-spectrum infrared radiator with white glass filters out the majority of infrared radiation
  • No pre-heating, maximum output is attained immediately
  • Original Schott Nextrema® glass
  • Inherently safe thanks to overtemperature protection
  • Heat-resistant cover due to Schott Nextrema® glass ceramics
  • Optimum use with the infrared control wave.com4 infra or IS1/IS2
  • Very good, uniform distribution of radiation thanks to integrated reflector

Technical details:

  • Power rating: 500 W
  • Security against overheating at 130°C
  • Installation sizes: 650 x 147 mm
  • Installation depth: 59 mm

Radiation distribution illuminant:

  • IR-A (780-1400nm): 9.0%
  • IR-B (1400-3000nm): 57.0%
  • IR-C (>3000nm): 34.0%

  • Scope of supply:

    • Infrared radiator will be delivered pre-assembled with cable (3m) and plug
    • Assembly material and operating instructions
    • Note: dispatch on pallets only

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