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Aspen Thermowood "night" 15 x 150 x 2000 mm

Aspen Thermowood

30,62 EUR

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Product no.: EST-150.20T

Aspen Thermowood Aspen Thermowood

When wood is heat-treated the fungi that cause decay are unable to survive, and the wood does not 'live' in the same way as untreated wood. As a result, it hardly swells or shrinks, which makes it a very useful material for the sauna and outdoor furniture.

The structure of alder lining is fine and homogeneous. It is easily impregnated. Dry alder is one of the most deformation-resistant species of wood. Growth rings are barely visible. Alder has low thermal conductivity. It has been used in the construction of saunas, wells, and quays for centuries. Alder is very durable when comes into immediate contact with water. The colour may vary from pale pink to red.


  • A-Sorting
  • Wood for the sauna building
  • Free of pitch and resins

  • Length: 2000 mm
  • Thickness: 15 mm
  • Width: 150 mm
  • Groove and tongue: 10 mm

Price for 1 m² = 99,50 EUR

ThermoholzEspe ThermoholzEspe ThermoholzEspe

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